Community Mental Health Drive


Khalsa College for Women Counselling Cell and Department of Psychology organized a Community Mental Health Drive and an Activity Based Workshop to mark the World Mental Health Day on October 10th, 2022 on the theme – “Making Mental Health & Well-Being For All A Global Priority”.

An informative lecture on the theme was delivered by the students in the morning assembly of the college to foster the importance of mental health in students. Informative brochures and a presentation on the theme, “Making Mental Health & Well-Being For All A Global Priority” were made by the volunteers of the Counseling Cell and circulated, both digitally and in person, amongst the students of the college. Each volunteer further talked about ensuring mental health and well-being through changes in lifestyle and attitude to at least five people in their family or neighborhood, thus spreading this message to the community at large.

More than 130 students participated in this drive aimed at spreading awareness about prevalence of mental health issues and willingness to talk about them, with the objective of dealing with a global crisis for mental health, combating short- and long-term stresses and the upliftment of general mental health.

Additionally, an Activity Based Workshop was organized by the Psychology Department in which the students were sensitized to classify the cases needing help. The participants felt related to the activities being performed and were inspired to work actively towards inculcating good habits and fostering positive mental health for them and for others around them.

An informative board was also prepared and displayed by the students to sensitize the college students and community at large.

The principal, Dr. Mrs Mukti Gill appreciated the efforts of the counselling cell in creating a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected; thereby creating an equal opportunity for all to access the mental health care they need.