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The aim of the N.S.S. is to make students understand the importance of respect for human beings and selfless service, dignity of labor and imbibe the sense of social responsibility, inculcate discipline and help them to develop their total personality. The college enrolls students in its 3 NSS units comprising 100 volunteers each year. The unit organizes a regular day and night camp for 7 days every year in vacations with different themes like-Education, Literacy, Rural Development, Preservation and conservation of Environment etc. The short camps focus on various activities which are as follows:

Details of NSS Extension Activities carried out during last five years

Year Activities
2011-12 Poster making competition on UN International day for “National Disaster Reductionas on 13th Oct.
2011-12 Awareness rally on “Eco friendly Diwali” as on 24th Oct.
2012-13 A lecture on ‘Importance of Voting Rights’ by Prof. Tarsem Bahia as on 17th Jan.
2012-13 Anti-Ragging Awareness drive within the campus as on 22ndAug.
2012-13 A visit to Nishkam Sewa Ashram as on 31stAug.
2013-14 An essay writing competition on “Importance of Voting Rights” as on 18th Jan.
2013-14 A three days camp with the theme ‘Zimedar Bano, Voter Bano’ to motivate the students to use their right to vote. Awareness about Form No 6 was given to 396 students as on 24th – 26th Oct.
2013-14 NSS volunteers participated in state level campaign launched by a renowned NGO ‘NANHI CHHAN’ with the theme ‘Save Girl Child and Save Environment’ as on 29th Oct.
2013-14 Volunteers helped ‘Self Help Groups‘of Village Noorpur Bet in selling their products at Diwali Mela held in college campus as on 1st November.
2014-15 Volunteers collected donation for Arpita Child Cancer society as on 12th – 13th February
2014-15 Mr. Hardeep Brar, a Social activist (MAHIDA organization) was invited to motivate the students to become socially responsible as on 12th August.
2014-15 Swachh KCW Abhiyan was held on under PM Narender Modi’s National Level campaign in which more than 300 volunteers actively participated in this campaign as on 18th November.
2014-15 Communal Harmony week was celebrated to sensitize the students regarding communal harmony and non-violence. A special programme was organized in morning assembly. NSS volunteers collected donation for this noble cause and a cheque of Rs. 20,000/- was sent to Ministry of Home Affairs.
7 days camp with the theme ‘Health, Public Sanitation, Personal Hygiene’ was organised.
The NSS wing organized an environment friendly rally and ‘Say No to Plastic’ drive,
apprised students of the need to contribute towards maintaining ecological balance as on 19th – 25thNov.
2021-22 The NSS wing of the college with 3 functional units is operative under the stewardship of Ms. Meena, Ms. Vibha & Ms.Mandeep. A stall of Eco Friendlly Rakhis was put up in collaboration with Soul Seed Foundation in 20th Aug 2021.
An online poetical recitation competition on the theme “Save the Girl Child” was organised on 24th Jan 2022 to mark the National Girl Child Day.
With the objective to communicate the contribution of our freedom fighters, “A Status Making” contest was organised on the Republic Day.
During the Community service week Celebration (from 11th Jan 2022 to 13th Jan 2022) the NSS volunteers taught the lesser previliged children, distributed woollens, masks etc. to make a difference.
A chart making competition on the theme “Unsung Freedom Fighters of India” marked the Martyrdom Day of S. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev. Volunteers attended interactive session on Career Counselling Organised by Ludhiana Police at Conference Hall, Police Lines, Ldh (on 8th March 2022).
A Cleanliness Drive was Organised on 30th Oct 2021 and students were motivated through a signature drive on the cleanliness pledge.

2015-16The volunteers from the NSS wing celebrated Communal Harmony week and raised a laudable fund of Rs 10,000/- for the orphans and the destitute, which was sent to the secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Delhi.
The volunteers from the NSS wing of the college promoted the products of self-help groups such as Guru Nanak self-help Group, Mai Bhago self-help group, Samriti self-help group etc
An Organ Donation Awareness programme was organized by NSS in collaboration with ‘Gift of Life’, ‘Organ Donation Awareness Society’ as on 19th – 25th November.

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