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Red Cross Society aims to sensitize young students regarding first-aid measures to be adopted when professional medical help is not available. Blood donation camps, eye and dental check-up camps are organized regularly. The students, who volunteer for registration with the Red Cross Society, learn to serve the society

Youth Red Cross (YRC)

Youth Red Cross (YRC) unit of the college is established with its true objective i.e. spreading awareness about the Red Cross principles and activities among the youth and developing humanitarian values among students. The following activities were initiated to achieve the objective of YRC:

Details of YRC Extension Activities carried out during last five years

2011-15In the beginning of every session, college uniforms are distributed among needy students. As per the records, 24-28 students avail this benefit every session.2011-15Special children from different institutions are invited to set up their stalls on College Diwali Mela besides stalls of other college students to encourage them, that they are no way less than others.

Year Activities
2011-12 The volunteers of YRC visited Mother Teresa Home to help the orphan babies, sick, destitute inmates and underprivileged part of the society by distributing sweets, fruits, old clothes, sweaters, blankets and money.
2011-12 Lecture on dermatological disorders in association with Himalaya Herbal healthcare was organised for awareness of healthy skin.
2011-12 Lecture on challenges faced by youth e.g. polycystic ovary, cervix cancer, adolescent issues and other lifestyle related diseases for creating awareness
2012-13 Lecture on skin problems and its management in association with Himalya herbal Healthcare, Bangalore
2012-13 Lecture on breast cancer and its management on World Cancer Day to educate studentsabout factors associated with breast cancer.
2012-13 Basic life support (BSL) training programme in association with SPS ApolloHospital to educate and enhance the skills of the Red Cross Youth in terms of life saving for adults.
2012-13 Awareness lecture on diabetes in association with World Diabetes Foundation
2012-13/td> Visit to Oswal Cancer Hospital for breast cancer awareness
2012-13 Lecture on gynaecological disorders
2014-15 Lecture on cancer awareness by Dr. Navdeep Singh from SPS Apollo Hospital
2014-15 First aid training programme in association with SPS Apollo Hospital where students were demonstrated the rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resustication exercises which are the major components of Basic Life Support (BLS).
2015-16 Dental and general health check up camp in association with Fortis Hospital
2015-16 Basic life support training programme in association with SPS Hospital to educate the participant on different BLS-CPR technologies and first aid.
2015-16 An awareness programme on ‘Health First’ by Dr. Zinnie from Apollo Hospital
2015-16 To make the students and hence the society aware of eye donation, an awareness programme in association with Punarjot Eye Bank society was organized
2021-22 The Youth Red Cross of the college under the able guidance of Ms. Himkanta, Ms. Nirupama Sood & Dr. Narienderjit has been throbbling with activity. An extension lecture on “Breast Cancer & Covid-19 New Variant” in collaboration with CMC was organised (on 6.12.21) whereby Dr. Pamela Jeyaraj, Head of Radiation Oncology, CMC apprised the students of symptoms, causes, prevention, screening & diagnosis.
A First-Aid counter was set up during Zonal Youth Festival organised at KCW (17.11.21 to 21.11.21) & the Annual Athletic Meet.
The Red Cross Unit facilitated distribution of college uniform to needy students. Stalls of articles made by special children from Guru Gyan Jyoti Vicklang Welfare society were put up on Diwali Mela (3.11.21).
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