KCW faculty switches to On-Line mode of teaching

The faculty of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana have adopted the on-line mode of teaching to continue with the teaching-learning process. In the current situation of nation-wide lockdown when all the educational institutes have been closed down as a preventive measure to combat Covid-19 pandemic, the faculty of the college has adopted novel ways using digital technology to keep the students engaged in constructive learning.

The Principal of the college, Dr(Mrs) Mukti Gill informed that the college faculty is following a three step process-share, interact and assess to impart learning in an effective way, while making optimum use of digital technology. The teachers are creating notes, presentations of their lecture slides, recording videos etc and sharing them with the students through various platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp groups, on-line Learning management systems like Google Classroom, and other digital tools like DropBox,  Google Drive, Google Groups etc. In the next step, the teachers invite queries from the students on-line and interact with them to address their doubts through Group Chats using WhatsApp, Google Groups, Google Classroom etc or interact live using Zoom App, Google Hangouts etc. The students are also being assessed online through on-line assignments, Assimilation Quizzes, Open-ended Questions, Open Book Tests etc using Google Classroom, Google Forms etc. Proper feedback is being provided to the students.

She lauded the efforts of the college faculty for making earnest efforts in helping the students continue learning while at home and thus working towards the best interests of the student community.