KCW NCC Department Organized Seminar on ‘ ZERO DISCRIMINATION DAY’

‘Zero Discrimination Day’ is a global movement that takes place on March 1 every year. Headed by UNAIDS, the day is a call to action for eradicating discrimination in all forms and promoting social inclusion and tolerance. To promote  the idea of ‘Zero Discrimination’, NCC Department of Khalsa College for women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana organized a seminar on 1st  March 2023 in collaboration with 3PB Girls BN NCC Ludhiana under the stewardship of Capt (Dr. Paramjeet Kaur), Associate NCC Officer of the college. NCC staff (Hawaldaar Jaswinder Singh and Hawaldaar Sandeep Chaudhary) Girl Cadet Instructors, College Principal Dr.(Mrs) Mukti Gill, Vice Principal Dr. Iqbal Kaur and around 130 NCC cadets became part of this seminar. The aim of this event was to sensitize the cadets about their right to live with dignity, regardless of appearance, race, geography or belief.

 NCC cadets of college SUO Bhumi, UO Heena Jhakhar, UO Prachi and Cadet Kim Sachdeva presented their ideas on ‘Zero Discrimination’ with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. They explained about meaning of discrimination, types of Discrimination, various facts & figures, laws made by government to penalise discrimination and measures to eradicate this problem from root. Cadets also explained about Women Empowerment as a measure to eradicate Gender Discrimination prevalent in Indian society. The presentation came to a conclusion with the discussion on various measures which can be taken by NCC cadets for reducing discrimination.

After the presentation a Rank Ceremony was organised, this was a symbol of zero discrimination and women empowerment practiced in NCC. In the ceremony final year cadets were given ranks by college Principal and NCC staff. The deserving cadets were given awards to appreciate and celebrate their achievements and their contribution not just for being active NCC cadets but also for creating productive youth for the society. The event concluded with NCC song and vote of thanks.

College Principal Dr.(Mrs) Mukti Gill appreciated the efforts put in by NCC cadets and the department. She added that such activities instil the feeling of responsibility and patriotism in the young minds.