KCW organized “Save Electricity Drive 2022”

The physics department at Khalsa College for Women civil lines Ludhiana, organized “Save Electricity Drive 2022” to raise awareness among students and staff to conserve energy and decrease global warming. For this purpose, the students of B.Sc strike a chord among people by presenting a skit to turn off their televisions, laptops, refrigerators, and other electrical devices when they are not in use at their homes or at offices. Different teams of students visited entire college premises, other nearby institutes, and also at various public venues to alert about saving electricity as it is a scarce and non -renewable resource.  They convey the message about mitigate global warming and conserve more energy if we use technology appropriately. Electricity has provided us a very comfortable life but we should not take it for granted.  Principal Dr. (Mrs) Mukti Gill and Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma (HOD Physics), appreciate the students for their initiative and bestow them with “energy-saving champions” badges.