Chemistry Department, Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana organized an educational visit to the sewage water treatment plant, Bhattian village. A group of 50 students of B.Sc. II and B.Sc. III accompanied by teachers visited the plant to learn about the procedure and chemical methods adopted to recycle sewage water of Ludhiana city. Sub-divisional engineer (SDE) of the plant, Vijay Kumar and his team members make special efforts to take the students around the plant spread over 90 acres for practically demonstrating each and every step taken towards water treatment. About one-third of the sewage water of Ludhiana city is treated at this unit by UASP method, thereby decreasing the BOD and COD levels of water drastically and ultimately chlorinating the water to make it fit for commercial use.

The students were very excited to learn about the judicious use of methane gas generated during decomposition as duel fuel to operate generators during power failure. They also explained about the possibility of using the large amount of methane gas generated to meet the power consumption requirements of nearby villages. All the queries and questions asked by students were well explained. All the students were motivated to save water and this visit further strengthened the will of the students to join research work so as to use their scientific knowledge in protecting the environment.