Mathematical Rangoli and Collage Making Competition at KCW

PG Department of Mathematics of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, organised Mathematical Rangoli and Collage Making competition. Students of Under graduate & Post graduate classes enthusiastically participated and presented their Mathematical Rangoli  and Collage on various topics like  Platonic solids, Konigsberg Model, Invisible power of Mathematics, Geometric figures, Coordinate Geometry, Applications of Trigonometry, Probability, Women in Mathematics, Statistics and Statisticians etc.This competition was organised to give an opportunity to the students to display their Mathematical skills.The main goal of organising this competition is to bring out the creative expression of students and to gauge their knowledge and awareness of various trends in Mathematics.Judges of the event were Ms.Sangeeta Sharma ,HOD of Physics and Ms.Inderpreet Kaur, Computer Science Department.

Winners of Rangoli Competition

1.Ishita and Deepika BCA III Sem-V

2.Namya and Mehak B.Sc II Sem -III

3.Vanshika Mahajan and Shifaly M.Sc II Sem- III

Consolation Prize :Purvi and Satya B.Sc I Sem -I

Winners of Collage Making

1.Prapti and Harshita BCA II Sem -III

2.Riya and Jahnavi B.Sc III Sem- V

3.Nandini and Prachi BCA I Sem – I

 Consolation Prize: Kawalpreet and Rajni B.A I Sem – I

Principal Dr.Iqbal kaur applauded entire staff of Mathematics department on the success of event.She further added that such competitions empower the youngsters with practical skills and motivate them for innovation.