Mela Teeyan Da at KCW

The Corridors of KCW resonated with laughter and traditional beats as Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines Ludhiana celebrated ‘Mela Teeyan Da’ to mark Teej Festival pursuing Punjabiyat fervor around the surroundings on 11th  Aug, 2018.

The day was marked with various cultural & Heritage display of handicrafts, traditional utensils, Bagh, phulkari,Darian, Sandhookh and ornaments etc.  Sealing the attention of the guests and students the real image of Punjabiyat was framed with decorated Charkhas and Pakhis. The cultural extravaganza was graced by the presence of the Principal Dr. Mrs. Mukti Gill, members of the managing committee and the retired teachers from different faculties. The Girls with Traditional Punjabi Dresses, Paranda, and Jewellery, were the centre of attraction. The occasion was  thoroughly beamed with the prompting participation of the students in Rangoli, Embriodery, Bagh Phulkari, Cross Stitch, Crochet, Pakhi Making, Knitting, Mehndi, Giddha, Bhangra and various other traditional activities such as Gudian Patole making, Chikker Making, Paranda Making, Nala Making, Tokri Making, Mitti de Khadone Making, Khiddo Making, Rassa Vatna, Eenu Making, Sanjhi Making, etc related to Punjabi culture and many more events wherein one got a chance to witness the up-and-coming artists of tomorrow.

The stunning and illustrious stalls were put up in the college adding flavour to the embellishment of the occasion. Stalls of bangles, traditional jewellary, clothes and cosmetics along with stalls of corn, matka kulfi, Chuski, lime soda with other delicacies of punjabi culture were adorned with the motive to magnify the cultural Heritage of Punjab. Famous Dishes of Saawan Season – Mal Poore, Kheer, Jalebi & Pakoras were enjoyed  by the relishers.

. The NSS volunteers of the college put up a stall to promote the ‘Aayi Hariyali’ campaign run by the punjab government to sensitize the students about the environment sustainability. Free saplings of various plants and trees were distributed free of cost to all attending the festival. A stall with different articles put up by Ekjot an NGO, also charmed the students as there were beautiful articles designed by the differently abled children.

The students got a chance to get acquainted with and appreciate the traditional handicrafts. They also enjoyed the Swings along with fun sports such as kikli, rope skipping, kokla chapaki, geete khedna, shatapu etc. The fragrance of fun and enjoyment pervaded in the atmosphere and it created some everlasting memories.

Revered Madam Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Mukti Gill, applauded the role of the organizers of the show and admired the energetic participation of the guests and the students and strengthened all of them to continue the journey for a social cause by building up Punjabiyat among the students. The event turned out to be a memorable one and gave it the shade of grand family celebrations.