NSS Special Seven Day Camp – Day 2

NSS camp continued on the 2nd day with lots of enthusiasm , energy & devotion. In the morning session, Former Professor of KCW civil lines, Ludhiana Mrs. Sunita Bhagat instructed volunteers in Lungs related Yogasanas and motivated them to perform and adapt yoga in our daily routine. Further “Best out of waste activity in which volunteers showcased their talent and created productive items. Simran Sushma Neha created Bird feeder & won 1st prize. Amandeep, Srishti and Prachi prepared puffy & were awarded 2nd prize. Vidhya, Rinki and Ritika formed rug using Saree and won 3rd prize. Consolation prize was given to Ishita who made Ganesh Ji. Lunch was provided to students and staff members in the afternoon. The evening  session was facilitated by resource. Persons from Art of Living Foundation which is volunteer based Humanitarian and educational non governmental organization. It was founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The foundation has its centres in 180 countries. Mr. Abhey Khosla and Ms. Sumandeep Kaur who are specialized in Mind and stress Management are certified yoga and fitness coaches. With their combined experience , the session helped volunteers to meditate and connect with themselves in the hustle and bustle of today’s society. The day ended with multiple fun activities and National Anthem. Volunteers departed with a huge smile on their faces.