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Parent Feedback

Parent Name
Roll No.
Degree UG PG
Name of Degree
Passing Year
Dear Student,
The college is committed to provide quality education and focuses on development through continual improvement process. Please provide us with your feedback to enable us to further improve the overall teaching-learning experience.
Sr. Details Excellent Good Average
1 The atmosphere in the College is conducive for learning.
2 Quality of teaching is as per your expectations.
3 College Supplements the academics with adequate nos of co-curricular achievements.
4 College Promotes all-round physical and holistic development of students.
5 The college Principal and Faculty are readily available.
6 The College administration is cooperative.
7 The College is a secured campus for your ward.
8 Hostel facilities are good and adequate.
9 Your ward studying in the College is a matter of pride for you.
State your suggestions
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