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PETAL-Program for Excellence in Teaching And Learning


  • To create engaging and inclusive learning environments for the students.
  • Fostering a community of Scholarly teachers focused on academic success and capacity building.
  • To integrate pedagogical best practices; design and deliver effective, inclusive information-an amalgamation of excellence in teaching and learning situations 


It is rightly said that since education is both a training of minds and training of souls, it should give both knowledge  and wisdom. 

The Induction/Orientation Program The College has an elaborate orientation programme for creating a firm foundation for an ideal teaching-learning situation. 

 Customized Orientation Programs are designed by the college IQAC for the students at various levels of UG and PG courses. 

Follow up Orientation Programmes are held  at departmental level. They are more subject specific and serve as a useful tool in bridging the gap between existing knowledge and upcoming syllabus that they are going to study.The formal induction process culminates with the Fresher’s get-togethers, the grand and resplendent ceremonies of various departments, organized by the senior students to formally welcome the newcomers to the College

Curriculum Review- TheIQAC of the college is  focused on development of a curriculum that is updated and dynamically oriented in order to meet the needs of the ever changing technology and times.

 Capacity Building Workshops For Faculty And Students- This is an attempt to obtain, improve and retain skills, knowledge, tools and other resources needed to do one’s job competently-both for the teachers and the taught.

 These follow a two pronged strategy: the first aims at training the trainers-helping the faculty spruce up their knowledge according to changing technology and times and needs of the hour. The second aspect consists of Experiential learning situations for the students so as to enable them to have a  hands on experience at the various work situations that they will encounter in real life.

Observations and Analysis: These are the basic to any developmental process.

Departmental meetings are devoted to observations and discussion of lesson plans and unitization of the syllabi. New staff is given special information on teaching tools that can be easily applied in the class along with latest e-resources. Besides this, special departmental meetings are held to discuss and brainstorm various ways to deal with a topic. The results of the students are discussed and customized teaching strategies are formulated for bright and weak students in order to maximize their potential.

Reviewing and Responding to Feedback-The valuable feedback from various stakeholders is reviewed and specific responses used to enhance academic  outcome of the students. The IQAC  is cognizant of these reports and holds creative discussions on qerries and  improvement of teaching tools and student engagement.    

PAL-Peer Assisted Learning-This program ventures to foster cross-level support between students of various years.PAL leaders are nominated by subject teachers. This aids in creating an  engaging and inclusive learning environment for the students on the whole.

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