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Principal’s message

Dear Student,

The most striking aspect of life in the contemporary world is that just about everyone is ‘connected’ with everyone else. It is also the most worrisome! The frenzied peeping into the lives of others has resulted in a scenario where the youngsters have lost the ‘connect’ with themselves. They know not who they are and whither they are going.

My dear students, I urge you to ask yourself what you yearn for and whether you have the courage to seek out what your calling is. Ask yourself if you are willing to risk the myriad setbacks that life doles out to you and still be able to smile at the innumerable bounties of life!Celebrate being alive and ride on the clouds of your dreams. Aspire and achieve!   Rise and shine!

Remember that you get tested the most when it is time for you to elevate. Do not break. Change begins at the end of your comfort zone. Stay open to change, stay positive.

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