Students of Khalsa College for Women Showcased Exceptional Talents at BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec. School’s Annual Exhibition

Ludhiana, Punjab – On October 30, 2023, The talented students of the Department of Home Science and Fashion Designing at Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, proudly exhibited their creative masterpieces at the BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School’s Annual Exhibition. The event, aptly named “Anvesha – The Skill Revolution 2023,” showcased the incredible skills and creativity of the students.

The students—Anjali, Nandani, Sonali, Deepika, and Simran—presented handmade items, including attractive mobile pouches, chunk jewellery, handmade table coasters, cross-stitch laces and patches, Bandhan war, candles, wall hangings, baskets, cheekhu, and enu. These meticulously crafted items not only demonstrated their talent but also highlighted the department’s commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation among its students.

Under the guidance of the dedicated Department Head, Dr. Amarinder Caur, and with the support of the entire staff, the students worked tirelessly to bring their visions to life. Their efforts were met with admiration and praise from the visitors, including students, parents, and educators present at the exhibition.

Dr. Iqbal Kaur, the Principal of Khalsa College for Women, expressed her immense pride in the students’ accomplishments and extended her heartfelt congratulations to Anjali, Nandani, Sonali, Deepika, and Simran. She also commended Dr. Amarinder Caur and the faculty members for their guidance and encouragement, which played a crucial role in the students’ success.

The exhibition not only showcased the students’ creativity but also served as an excellent opportunity for them to interact with the community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and learning. It highlighted the college’s commitment to providing a platform for students to develop essential life skills beyond academics.