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Synapse Community

Synapse (the Community Club)
Synapse, the college community club is an initiative with the objective, ―Connecting with the community.

  • This club organizes various activities aimed to sensitize students about their social responsibility and makes an effort to ―give back to the society and to help metamorphosize the teenagers of today into mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow.
  • The theme for the session 2015-16 was ―Taking Care of Our Elderly. The students participated actively in various activities to strengthen their bond with the elderly generation, their grandparents as well as others not related to them.
  • The volunteers spent one hour per week exclusively with the chosen elderly by playing board games, reading newspapers for them, watching a movie with them, visiting relatives, taking them for shopping or simply chatting.
  • The Synapse volunteers also visited the Swami Vivekananda Old Age Home and interacted with the members staying there.
  • The Synapse club also made a thought provoking documentary about the elderly living in that old age home. This documentary was further screened in the college on various occasions to spread awareness about the plight of the lonely and the neglected elderly and to encourage the young students to spare time for the older generation which is the foundation of our community.
  • The theme for the current session is ―Caring for the Differently Abled. The Synapse club, along with the Deptt. of Sociology organized an awareness programme on ―Socialization of youth with Disabilities in order to sensitize the youth about various issues regarding the disabled in the society and to dispel the taboos associated with them.
  • A nukkad natak entittled ―Adhoore me bhi poora hai was staged.
  • A thoughtful documentary made by the Synapse students highlighted the issues and problems faced by the disables and their families.
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