Taking a minute can change a life:

Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana counseling cell organized a thought providing community mental health drive against suicide. The three day drive was inaugurated by an enlighting lecture by Ms. Palak Jain consultant psychologist from Fortis hospital. The participants of the drive included all the hostel wardens of college and all the senior tutors along with student volunteer from the department of Psychology, sociology and KCW Synapse, the college community club.
The highlight of the programme was the fact that the participants would ensure that the deliberations on the topic would not remain confined to the walls of the seminar hall but would reach as many ears as possible as a part of community mental health drive.
Ms. Palak highlighted the increasing instance of suicide rate and delved into the casual factor and the need to take urgent measures to prevent the loss of innocent valuable lives.
She also elaborated on the recent trend of self mutilating and destructive internet sensation like blue whale game and so on. She attempted to shed light on preventive measures for friends, parents and primary caretakers to recognize early warning signs in an influenced individual.
The students and teachers found the topic very enlightening and interacted enthusiastically with the speaker in order to resolve their queries.