The department of Business Management of Khalsa College for Women organised a marketing event “Queen of Sales- 3” today. The main idea of the event was to teach the nuances of personal selling and understanding of consumer behaviour among the participants. A total of 46 teams from different departments of the college participated in the event. Each team was given a set of 35 articles which they had to sell within duration of 3 hours. The teams had to contribute a portion of their income as taxes – the amount of which would be further utilised to teach them the sense of social responsibility.  The judges for the event were Dr Priyaka Khanna, Mrs Davinderpal Kaur, Dr Paramjit Kaur and Ms Neetika. The team of BBA –III was declared 1st, while that of  B.Com was declared second and that of BBA –II was third.

The college principal. Dr Mukti Gill applauded the efforts of the Department of Business Management in organising this mega event and taking initiative in instilling activity based learning among the students.