The Department of Home Science and Fashion Designing of KCW, Civil Lines, Ludhiana organized a workshop on “Upcycling: The New Wave Of Sustainable Fashion” to raise awareness for environmentally conscious fashion. Ms Ravneet Toor from NEET designer Studio Conducted an informative and interactive workshop where she demonstrated on how to convert old clothes into new garments with the technique of upcycling.

She said that ethical fashion is thoughtful fashion which maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on environment. Upcycling is one of the most innovative ways to transform the fashion industry by reducing the clothing and textile waste, and reusing dead stock or gently used fabric to create new garments. She further apprised the student about slow fashion movement which represents “eco”, “ethical” and “green” and aims to protect natural resources and ecosystems. She urged the students to be ethical as a fashion designer and take responsibility to create environment friendly fashion in order to save the planet earth from potential damages in future.

The Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Mukti Gill appreciated the efforts of the staff and encouraged them to organize such workshops in future also where students get exposure of recent fashion trends and movements.