Youth Red Cross Club visited Fortis Hospital for Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

The Youth Red Cross Club of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana organized a visit to Fortis hospital, Mall Road, Ludhiana. The objective was to participate in the Cervical Cancer awareness campaign and to sensitize students about cervical cancer so as to raise awareness about the condition which is becoming common in the women nowadays.

Dr. Arti Gupta Tuli, Gynecologist and an expert delivered a lecture on the cervical cancer and apprise the students about the prevention, treatment and cure of the disease. She further highlighted various stages and the risk factors such as early marriage, weak immune system, multiple pregnancies, smoking and poor genital hygiene are some of the causes leading to the rise of cervical cancer among women. Dr. Tuli while stressing upon the importance of screening tests also informed the students about the vaccination that can immune a human body from various other conditions.

The college Principal Dr. Iqbal Kaur appreciated the efforts of the Red Cross Club staff members for organizing participation of our students in the cervical cancer awareness month. She also encouraged the students to sensitize about the issue to the girls and women around them.